Terracotta Flower Pot Base for Artificial Flowers, Wood Cutout, Paint by Line, BAC Home

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This wood cutout is made as a base for adding artificial flowers to.  Let's get creative and bring these wood projects to life!  This Craft Shape is custom made & ready to ship! This DIY craft product comes unfinished. All products ship within 24-36 hours. Our unfinished wood cut-outs are crafted of a high quality cabinet grade MDF. All products are cut in-house on our CNC routers and are hand-sanded, smooth to the touch. We recommend using Dixie Belle Chalk Paint. You can also use an acrylic paint on our unfinished products. These paints can be bought at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and other stores. All products are cut on moisture resistant MDF and suitable for outdoors. We love taking custom orders! Any sign or logo can be custom made for your business or home.  Call 1-318-738-0680 or email [email protected] for more information! Thank You for your interest in our unfinished wooden cutouts!

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