Painted 18” Christmas Tree Door Hanger, Merry Christmas

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If only our Christmas Tree door hanger smelled like a real Christmas tree! But for what is lacks in cypress scent it makes up for in cuteness! Order one of our quality, hand painted door hangers today!

Our door hangers are made of a high quality grade MDF and are cut in-house at our Build-A-Cross warehouse. Each items is hand painted by one of our in-house artist. Products will vary from pictures; each item is hand painted and will not be an exact replica. Color variations may occur also. We take pride in providing you with a quality art piece for your home.

Make your entrance festive with one of BAC Home's hand painted door hangers. Our door hangers are 18" at the widest points and are hand painted. Each door hanger comes complete with twine for hanging, making it the perfect decoration for any front door.

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