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Freestyle Font wooden unfinished letter. This beautiful craft product is made of 1/8" thick moisture resistant MDF. This wooden art piece is perfect for craft projects, home décor and gift-giving. The high-quality, unfinished wood craft letter is simple to paint or stain in your choice of color to match the décor of any room in your home. Our letters are often used in bedroom wall décor,  décor for kitchen walls, bathroom wall décor, to decorate nursery walls, décor for game rooms, and letters for school classroom décor. Our wooden letters are also suitable for light outdoor use such as building marking, mail box letters, doorhangers, outdoor barn décor and many other lettering or numbering outdoor projects.  Our collection of wood letters are all precision cut by a computer using industrial machinery, making them smooth and ready to be painted or stained according to your specifications. Painting these Letters are easy! All you need is spray paint (Rust-Oleum, Krylon, etc). Once you have coated the letters, you need to let them dry for at least 1 hour before applying your sealant. You can use Spray Sealant such as, Modge Podge Spray, Rust-Oleum Clear, or any of your favorite sealants in Matte or Gloss. If you plan to attach your Letters to a board or sign, then all you need to do is paint all the pieces first. Let dry and clear. Give another hour or so for drying. Once completely dry, you can use Wood Glue or E6000 to attach these letters to your sign. We like to add a few pin nails to hold the letters to the sign while the wood glue is drying. Wood Glue takes about 24hrs or so to completely dry. E6000 is a little quicker. You can add some hot glue and mix with your wood glue. By doing this, the hot glue will dry fast and hold your letters while the wood glue is drying if you don't have a pin nailer. We carry many different letters (fonts) in various sizes to help you piece together your next craft project. The different fonts and sizes may be mixed or matched to create a unique piece of art. Our wooden letters are also suitable for light outdoor use. Most of our orders are cut, packed and shipped within 24 hours.

We love taking custom orders! Any sign or logo can be custom made for your business or home.  Call 1-318-738-0680 for more information!

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